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Take the step to developing your fashion ideas into something real

Passionate about sustainable  sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices

As an intuitive and creative pattern maker and a sustainable fashion label owner, Kimelyn has over twenty years of global experience in the fashion industry.


Working collaboratively with you, she has the skills and the knowledge to guide you through the process of product development, from a simple idea, through to a finished product, ready for production.

She is also able to provide guidance on the numerous processes involved in starting and running a fashion business.

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"Pattern making is an art form.

It requires technical skill, many years of experience and acquired knowledge, and a curious and creative eye to develop a garment that fits perfectly, is fully functional, proportionally balanced, and ready for cost-effective and smooth production.  

I am passionate about working alongside my clients, understanding their unique vision, and being a part of bringing it to life"                           
- Kimelyn





We work in collaboration with you to translate your designs into a commercially viable garment or range.


Pattern making is the process of making an accurate and perfectly fitting pattern from a design sketch, a sample or an image. 


Once the pattern is completed, the garment can be sampled in the fabric for production to produce a prototype.




Once a design is approved for production, the pattern will need to be graded across multiple sizes.

Product Design & Development




Pattern Making

Ruby Hill

Kimelyn was a pleasure to work with! 

Very positive attitude and determined to understand my vision to create the samples I envisioned. 

Thank you so much for all your time and effort! I will definitely use Kimelyn as my pattern maker in the future. 


The Fashion Advocate

I love working with Kimelyn. She's an incredible communicator, she's creative, she's lovely, and she brings amazing ideas to the table. 

I work with a lot of businesses in the fashion industry and people like her are few and far between.

Mister Bladin

Kimelyn has been integral to the launch of my brand/ She's understood my needs from the beginning, she works hard to come up with solutions to challenging designs, and she is so lovely to work with.

Tech packs & Sketches


A Tech pack is a detailed document with the sketches and specifications your manufacturer needs to ensure that your final production is exactly as required.

Seth Burton

Send an email for a price list, a quote or an inquiry.

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