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You could say that I have been in the 'Fashion industry' since I was six years old when I would sit in front of my mother's sewing machine making outlandish outfits for my teddy bears. Luckily, I have progressed from miniature toy dresses, although my passion for creating clothing and all things wearable has grown over the years.

Along with a strong creative streak, I also have a technical brain that loves to know the details of how different elements are designed in exactly the right shape, size and in the right material to combine to create the desired finished product, (which makes sense being born into a long line of engineers). Pattern making is the perfect combination of artistry and geometric challenge, which is why I find it enormously satisfying to take a two-dimensional concept and turn it into a beautiful, three dimensional garment. 






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  • Accurate & creative pattern making 

  • Strong technical skills in garment construction

  • Knowledge about ethical practices and sustainable sourcing 

  • A full understanding of commercial manufacturing processes

  • Guidance on the pros and cons of different fabrications and trims and finishes

  • Connections with other industry professionals

  • I have launched and owned fashion labels over the years. 

  • My current label is Quillan Studio (, for which I manage the following:


- Marketing

- Trade shows & markets

- Photographic shoots

- Social media

- Online website maintenance

- Financials

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